VISION Hardware

T1 Sensor

Two high speed GOLFZON cameras accurately trace the ball and club movements over a wide measurement field to accurately capture the data and display it immediately in the software.

Swing Replay

Built in camera allows you to record, review and compare your swing to the pros! Upload your best shots to your online account automatically after each round.

Moving Swing Plate

The 8-way hydraulic plate simulates real golf with real slopes making the GOLFZON experience unlike any other.

Smart Auto-Tee

Why bend over? We’ll do it for you. With adjustable tee height, this feature is a must.

VISION Space Requirements

The ideal room is 16’ wide x 10’ 6” tall x 23’ deep but your room can be bigger or smaller, we will work with what you have. The T1 cameras are located in the ceiling and a 7” platform is required for the auto-tee and swing plate. We always suggest taking a club into the room if you can and try swinging.

VISION Software

184 World-Class Courses

New courses are added at NO EXTRA COST!

Feature Courses